​​Marketing ● Edible Landscaping ● Consulting & Advocate for Virginia’s Northern Piedmont sustainable food economy and artisans

Marketing Assistance

for farms, artisans, restaurants and farmers' markets

Many farmers, chefs and artisans are too busy farming, cooking and crafting to spend hours doing the necessary business tasks of entering data, writing, designing, posting and Tweeting. With that in mind, we offer the following free-lance marketing services:
Social Media set up and maintenance, DIY Websites and updates, E-newsletters, E-Commerce Upload, Marketing Material Design, Special Event Planning, Farm-to-Table Dinners, Buyers Clubs/ CSAs, Local Sourcing/ Menus for restaurants

Edible Landscaping 

for home or business

Edible landscapes integrate food production, aesthetic value, and environmental benefits to any yard or planted area. We offer full-services from consultation to regular maintenance or we can simply help you get started. We use biological methods, inspired by nature and no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers in our edible landscaping. We procure the best "Alpaca Magic" compost for our projects from Cameron Mountain Alpacas. Contact us to set up a consultation.